operating theatre

Dr Zheng is an experienced surgeon. He has had extensive laparoscopic surgery training and experience at Campbelltown hospital, as well as the Royal Womens hospital. He’ll help you make the right choices in whether or not you need an operation. And making sure you are looked after promptly, safely, and fairly. 

Dr Zheng currently is a known gap provider-  what this means is that the most you will have to pay for a keyhole surgery procedure by him is $500 if you are insured.

Specialised Services

Laparoscopic procedures

Specialising in endometriosis surgery, cysts, fibroids, hysterectomy

Hysteroscopic procedures

Not all hysteroscopic procedures are straight forward. A lot of fertility issues can be solved by a hysteroscopic procedure

General Gynaecology

There is still definitely a place for both vaginal and open abdominal surgeries. Dr Zheng has helped many women with heavy bleeding, prolapse and pain

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