About his family

Dr Zheng has a loving family and three kids. He has a strong bond with family life, and understands the importance of those around you. He personally knows the angst around having difficulty conceiving, as well as the fertility journey. What’s more, he has also personally experienced what parents go through when complications arise during pregnancy and labour – not forgetting of couse – all the nappy changes needed!

About his Career

Dr Charley Zheng has had extensive experience as an obstetrician gynaecologist. He has worked tirelessly in subspecialist fields beyond a general obstetrician gynaecologist – that includes further training in advanced laparoscopic surgery and fellowship in fertility medicine. This allows him to deliver highly specialised and well rounded care – taking your entire situation into consideration.

He has also had extensive experience as an obstetrician, having managed birthing units  in large training units such as the Royal Womens Hospital, that delivers over 8000 babies a year. 

About his approach

Having personally experienced first hand what is involved in your journey, Dr Charley Zheng believes in delivering a high standard of medicine – but at the same time being pragmatic. He believes in spending the time to listen to you in order to help you make all the right choices.

He is approachable and dedicated to his work. Please do not hesitate to make contact with the clinic and see us to discuss all your needs. 

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