The reasons for preserving eggs are the same as fertility preservation. Except if there is no right partner/sperm in mind, we’ll have to freeze the eggs first. Eggs can be lost due to the freezing process, we typically lose 20% of eggs in women <35, and 30% between 35-40, and beyond 40, there is a significant attrition/loss due to freezing. Therefore if there is a certainty in the relationship, the preference is always to freeze embryos than eggs.

The key considerations in embarking on the process is your age, the egg reserve and desired family size. These will be assessed at the initial appointment together.

Cost of the process will vary depending on the indication. For medicare supported treatments the costs can be a fraction (<70%) of a non-medicare funded treatment. It is important to also bear in mind the long term cost of storage. Lastly but importantly when you decide to use these eggs there is usually an IVF process involved. I would strongly recommend you consider ADORA fertility as they provide a bulk billed IVF service thus saving you tens of thousands in (hidden)
cost which is not evident today.

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