This treatment used to be done as a first line treatment before IVF. It is imperative the sperm is normal and the fallopian tubes are patent before treatment. The theory was that by washing the
sperm and putting it into the uterus (at the time of ovulation), that we can get more of the viable sperm near the egg to improve the success rates. However, recent large powered and well
conducted randomised control studies have shown the traditional method of IUI does NOT iprove pregnancy rates. This is unsurprising given nature has been finessing this process for millions of

However, there is still a place of IUI beyond the textbook. It is found that in the subgroups in the studies done, that women who managed to get more than 1 egg in the IUI process managed to
have a higher pregnancy rate.

Therefore when I do AI/IUI, I always stipulate the use of FSH injections, with a goal in growing 2- 4 eggs. There is a slight risk of multiple pregnancy and one must take this risk into consideration
when choosing the right treatment option.

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