Aetiology 90% of miscarriages are due to chromosomal aneuploidies in the fetus. Anatomical pathologies, acquired thrombophilias, metabolic conditions, endocrine disorders, infections, male factors as well as lifestyle factors all influence and are known causes of miscarriage. Autoimmunity may be a cause – but this is controversial. As more miscarriages occur – and especially in a […]

Why don’t my eggs or embryos grow? This is a common problem occurring in IVF patients. It is commonly misconceived that all eggs will fertilise, and all those fertilise will go on to continue splitting into day 5 embryos ready for implantation. It’s not until after a great IVF cycle where 12 eggs are collected […]

Firstly, we need to be clear about what is genetic testing of the embryos and what it intended to do. There are different types of genetic tests done on eggs, embryos, and embryo by products. The commonest reason for testing the embryo, is to ensure that it has a correct set of chromosomes before it […]


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